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Our Company is working on heat-energy recovery and we are manufacturer and/or supplier for high efficiency all type heat recovery exchangers and systems. We monitor developments in the World at the same time and we offer them to the service of our Country's HVAC sector. For this time, the sensible heat efficiency of our products has exceded 80% and the latent heat efficiency of our products has exceded 70%...

Our products supports SHF=1.0 cooling application. This type cooling units and applications provide over 70% energy saving and reduces the need for mechanical cooling. As a result, the latent heat transferred and condensation energy expended is eliminated almost.

We use a more rational the condensation and evaporation energy of water. This is a renewable energy and we ensure that our products and making them effective. Please, you maintain to watch these products on our web-site and if it is necessary for you, please you don't hesitate to contact with us. 

Our standard desiccant dehumidifiers can provide between -10 C to -25 C dew point application and they can keep between 5.0 kg/h to 7.0 kg/h moisture. Our special dehumidifier systems can provide up to -80 C dew point (0.00034 gr/kg). Our products are available to food, glass, drug, electronic, military, building and other industries.










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İM   Limited Company
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